I live tweeted a reading of the new executive order named “Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States“. Highlights:

Purpose and prioritization

The purpose is to enforce immigration laws for all “removable aliens” without exception. (I found “removable aliens” a heavy, loaded phrase.)

It prioritizes illegal aliens and overstayers that have been convicted or charged with a crime. Also those who “abuse” public programs. I’m thinking this can apply to anyone who even visits a library.

It also prioritizes illegal aliens/overstayers NOT charged, who has committed criminal acts. This is extremely broad, and encourages witch hunts.

Encouraging division and propaganda

It orders the assessment and collection of civil fines and penalties for the “removable aliens”, and from anyone who facilitates them. This is broad enough to be extremely abusable.

Provides for victims of crimes committed by “removable aliens”.

Section 11 ties violent crime and criminal organizations to illegal aliens. I’m sure there’s some intersection somewhere, sure. This makes it sound like that’s pretty much all there is.

Jacking up foreign relations and trade

Foreign negotiations MUST “include as a condition” that the country accept “their nationals who are subject to removal from” U.S. That won’t jack up any foreign relationships, nosirree.

Sec 14 strips non Americans/residents from protections around personally identifiable information (PII). Notice that’s not just directed at illegal aliens and overstayers. That’s ANYONE who’s a non-US citizen, including anyone doing business with the US. See below for more on this, because it’s also a big deal.

Sec 16:Transparency. To propagandize – sorry, PROMOTE – awareness of criminal aliens in US, quarterly reports on criminal aliens.


Section 14 is the “Privacy Act”. It should be, “NO privacy act”, because it strips non Americans/residents from PII protections. Notice that’s not just directed at illegal aliens and overstayers. That’s ANYONE who’s a non-US citizen. That also, by the way, applies to anyone doing any kind of business w/the US, whether you actually come here or not. 

Foreign countries are going to be ripping their data out of US servers. Domestic countries will be shunned from business abroad.

I’m in computers. Folk are already nervous about data privacy issues in the U.S. I’ve had these conversations already with folks from Europe, Australia, South Africa, Canada.

Apart from being broad, propagandist, and inhuman, this order is also going to be very bad for business. 


P.S. Very very soon, I need to write up an article about my view that the president and his men are laregely trying to destabilize the United States. But, that’s a talk for another time.