I’ve decided to become the leader of the Resistance. Or at least, to act like it. And yes, I’m perfectly serious.

I figure that the women’s march is just a start. There are so many troubles facing America right now, and it’s going to be very easy for the momentum we’ve started to fizzle due to a lack of focus, or internal quarrels.

But, if I think of myself as the leader, then I’m at least party responsible for the direction the Resistance takes. As the leader, I can’t lose focus; I can’t let the momentum go; I can’t stop participating.

It’s going to take a lot of work. It’s going to take reading, and talking, and learning. It’s going to take a WHOLE lot of showing up. I’m the perfect candidate to lead: I’m one of the 320+ million people living in the United States.

I’ve already started with this blog. Sign up for the newsletter, comment, and watch this space.

It’s time to lead.