Here is the letter I just wrote, printed, and snail mailed to my two U.S. Senators and my Representative. (Their mailboxes are all full this weekend.) Feel free to use this as a template for your own letters and emails, if you like….or write your own!

This weekend I spent hours at DFW airport, protesting the executive immigration order that is in effect a Muslim ban. I’m writing to insist that you release a statement on the order, condemning it and pledging to fight against it.

I also ask that you begin efforts through the best legal means available to remove President Trump from office. I realize this is an extreme request, but as I’m sure you know, this president has done more to negatively disrupt and damage the United States in the first week than any U.S. president in history.

Muslim Ban: This order was broad reaching, improperly vetted, cruel, illegal on its face, and deeply unconstitutional, as it functionally targets a specific religion, and prioritizes entry to the country for those whose religion is “a minority religion in the individual’s country of nationality” .

I’d be delighted to meet with you in person and tell you about the families I saw waiting for their loved ones in detention; my international colleagues who now cannot or will not travel to America for business and conferences; the number of people I know in IT whose coworkers have cancelled plans to visit family abroad; and so on.

President Trump: I’m a U.S. citizen, a technologist, and a software CEO. I am not a lawyer, so I won’t try to give you a legal argument; there are plenty of lawyers and organizations dedicated to doing exactly that. For me, it is patently clear that President Trump is absolutely unfit to lead the United States.

This latest executive order – the immigration ban – is an outstanding example: it enacted a huge, sweeping change to the way non-citizen travelers are evaluated for entry into the U.S., without specific instructions to the people in charge of carrying out the new procedure. So, people with valid green cards were left in detention for hours, some flown back to their country of origin. As I write this, there are STILL people in DFW airport (and some others) that have not been released. The leader of the free world turned the country upside down in the worst way, with a single executive order.

Another example is the way he has rejected and radically changed the way business is conducted in the White House. Changing the way business is conducted can be a good thing, but here it feels much more like “slash and burn”.

  • He fired all foreign ambassaadors on inaguration day, without any plans or action on filling those positions.
  • He has appointed Steve Bannon to the security council, and removed the national intelligence director and joint chiefs from some of the meetings.
  • The normal reviews for an executive order were skipped or prevented (see reporter Eric Geller’s tweet:

I won’t try to give a comprehensive list.

I am deeply concerned. Please speak out against the Muslim ban, and work toward removing President Trump from office. Though I disagree with Vice President Mice Pence on many things, I believe he’d do a far, far better job as president than Donald Trump.