Editorial: Call

I hear around the Internets that you should call your representatives…that calling makes way more of an impact than does an email. Here is what the ACLU FAQ page has to say: “In general, the more time an action takes, the more attention the Member of Congress will pay. For example, a handwritten letter carries much more weight than an email.  And a personal visit to the Member’s office carries more weight than a phone call.

I’m all for it. But it’s hard to get people to visit. We’re busy people. So call. Get used to calling. If you’re a bit shy, like me, put together a short script, and read from it. The people who answer the phones are used to talking to citizens, and I’ve found them to be quite polite.

Call. It only takes 5 minutes.

Today’s assignment, if you’re in:


Posted by Sarah Gailey.