Calling your senators is better, but signing this ACLU petition to review the voting history and statements of Senator Jeff Sessions is a good start.

Excerpts from the Wiki article on Jeff Sessions, “Social issues” section (emphasis is mine):

  • As Attorney General of Alabama, Sessions worked to deny funding to student Gay-Straight Alliances … stating “an organization that professes to be comprised of homosexuals and/or lesbians may not receive state funding or use state-supported facilities to foster or promote those illegal, sexually deviate activities defined in the sodomy and sexual misconduct laws.” 
  • Sessions has been an opponent of same-sex marriage and has earned a zero rating from the Human Rights Campaign, the United States’ largest LGBTQ advocacy group.
  • He voted against the Matthew Shepard Act, which added acts of bias-motivated violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity to federal hate-crimes law…
  • Sessions voted in favor of … a U.S. constitutional amendment which would have permanently restricted federal recognition of marriages to those between a man and a woman.
  • Sessions has also said regarding the appointment of a gay Supreme Court justice, “I do not think that a person who acknowledges that they have gay tendencies is disqualified, per se, for the job” but “that would be a big concern that the American people might feel—might feel uneasy about that.”

“Gay tendencies”, kids. Here is a man who thinks being gay is exactly like being a pedophile or an arsonist. Gay people aren’t deviants (well, not any more than straight people are). Gay people are people.

There are other reasons to fight Sessions, of course. Find your favorite.

Here’s a bit from the ACLU petition:

To Senators of the 115th Congress:

Senator Sessions’ confirmation process must include a comprehensive review of his voting record and history of statements to ensure that this country has an attorney general who will protect everyone’s constitutional rights.

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