Suzan DelBene, the Representative for Washington’s 1st congressional district, has introduced the “No Religious Registry Act” (H.R. 6382):

To prohibit the collection of information and the establishment or utilization of a registry for the purposes of classifying certain United States persons and other individuals on the basis of religious affiliation, and for other purposes.

A registry is bad. It says, “there is a specific religion we find dangerous and we’re going to find and track people of that religion and maybe do more than that”. That’s bad, and violates the freedom of religion aspect of the 1st Amendment. So, I’m VERY MUCH in favor of this bill.

You don’t get to protect just a few religions, folks. It’s all or nothing.

You can find your representative on, and call and/or email them with your opinion. (Calls are best, emails are better than nothing.)

Here’s a script, similar to the one provided on

Hi, my name is [Your Name], and I’m a resident of the [your district] district.

I support H.R. 6382: The No Religious Registry Act.

Can I count on the representative’s suport? [Or: Does the representative have a position on this yet?]

Them: Thank you for calling. Can I get your name again and your address?

Yes. My name is . . . and my address is . . .

Them: I will let the representative know you called.

Thanks very much!

By the way, keeps tabs on submitted bills (among other things), and will even walk you through the process of calling to support or oppose a bill. You do have to register in order to do this, though.