Today’s post is reprinted with permission from guest writer SiaEl BritYank.

I find it incredibly sickening that people who are pro-gun are mainly concerned with my knowledge about guns rather than the discussion. I was actually asked “can you explain the difference between an AR15 and any other semi automatic platform?”

No I cannot and neither can many of the people who were killed by some man who went off the deep end using these weapons. Neither can the 20 children or 7 adults of Sandy Hook. Is that important?

Why do these assholes want to muddy the discussion like this? How about this, we’ll tell you what we’d like to see and what regulations would make sense and you let us know the wording regarding the actual devices.

If you experience computer related theft I don’t think it would make it useful to the conversation if you were made to describe the coding used in that theft and how it differs from other computer crimes. All you know is that as a citizen you’d like to be able to put your money where you left it without someone else taking it. Let the computer scientists figure out the specific wording to achieve society’s desired outcomes.

All I know is that I don’t think we need the types of guns that most of us only see slung over the shoulders of military men or police officers being sold so readily to the average man or woman or child on the street. If you can come into a space and spray it with bullets without needing any actual skill that is the type of weapon I want limited by the masses. I realize that it won’t eradicate gun violence altogether but it could slow some people down.

If it were mandatory to go through a background check, register with a federal central agency, get licensed and present your guns for inspection to law enforcement, obtain shooting education and training, and renewals every few years with proper paperwork to show why you no longer have the weapons you originally registered in your possession, that could seriously slow down some people.

If you can buy something that was created to physically harm or kill and by using it you are taking away someone else’s due process, you need to be held accountable for that responsibility. No ifs ands or buts.