Texas Senate Bill 6, the so-called Texas Privacy Act, is a bill to force transgender people to use the bathroom they’re uncomfortable with, all in the name of “public safety”.

Segregation was never about water fountains, and this bill is not about bathrooms…and it’s certainly not about public safety. It’s another shield to hide the fact that the GOP wants to deny rights to transgender people, among others.

Now, to take a left turn: A terrible bit of local news came across the Houston Chronicle last week. (Trigger warning for sexual assault, abuse of minors.) Link.

What do these two thing have to do with each other? A rant on safety, from my cousin Maggie Newell, to Governor Greg Abbott:

You want to protect and help women, #GregAbbott? Stop this nonsense from happening. Increase penalties for rapists and abusers. Enforce child support for deadbeat dads. Focus on the number of deaths of women caused by husbands and boyfriends. Worrying about whether someone who identifies as female enters my restroom doesn’t do a hill of beans of good, is a huge waste of time, and just feeds the paranoia of the ignorant. Predators will enter those areas regardless. And truly educate yourself about what it means to be transgender before you make calls like this. Stop using “women’s safety” as a smokescreen for your prejudices.

Maggie’s tirade is a beautiful thing. It’s specific. It’s on point. And it’s dead right.

Write or call your state and national representatives and tell them you stand for the rights of transgender people. 

P.S. You can now use Resistbot, a bot that turns your text message into a fax for your representatives!