First things first: Find out if you’re registered to vote, and get more information, at

Get people registered to vote

One of the most important thing we can be doing right now is getting out the vote, and step 1 is getting folks registered to vote. I found out about Texas’ deputy voter registrar program and got deputized…it was really easy here in Dallas county.

Then yesterday, I set up a table at the President’s Day Weekend March and Rally, and registered people! About 7 other registrars were also out there independently, walking the crowd (and refilling on registration applications from me!).

A group for volunteer voter registrars

After talking to some people, I’ve created a group for Texas registrars on Facebook. We’ve got a FAQ, a list of counties and county registrar programs (in progress), a list of events, and so on. I’m pleased as punch to say that we’ve gained 100 members in under 24 hours! I’m not the only one that thinks voting is an important next step.

We’re going to encourage people to become registrars, attend events all over the state, and do more as more ideas get tossed around.

You can join our group if you’re interested (and, if you’re in Texas), or you can form your own group for your state! (Or, you know, just become a deputy registrar.)

About registering to vote

A few notes on registering to vote, for your edification:

  • You register to vote with your county you live in.
  • Once you’re registered, you can vote in federal, state, and local elections.
  • Presidential elections happen every 4 years, in November.
  • Congressional elections happen every 2 years – in even numbered years, in November.
  • State and local elections happen when they happen. Find your local or state election website here.

Source: Wikipedia.