Last week, the lieutenant governor of Texas announced the filing of SB6: another of the “bathroom bills” that have become weirdly popular of late.

Basically, it would make it illegal for a transgender woman to use the women’s room, and ditto for transgender men/men’s room.

This is stupid, and wrong, and cruel. Here’s the ACLU, saying the same thing but better and more legal-y. ( says it even better. Remember, folks: making a thing illegal doesn’t protect anyone. And, sexual assault is already illegal!)

Call to action:  Call Lieutenant governor Dan Patrick’s office today at (512) 463-0001 and tell them that you oppose SB6, the transgender bathroom bill.  Suggested script:

“Hi, I am a Texas resident and I DO NOT support SB6 the anti-transgender bill.” says:

On Thursday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick unveiled SB6. The bill, if approved by the legislature, would prohibit trans people from using the bathroom or locker room for their gender identity in schools and other public buildings, with violations enforced through a civil fine of at least $1,000 per offense. It would also let businesses set anti-trans bathroom policies, overriding any local laws that say they can’t.